Can I claim compensation for poor security in my rented home?

Claiming compensation if your landlord refuses to provide you with adequate house security

It’s estimated that in the UK, 1 burglary is reported every 108 seconds. That’s an alarming frequency! What if the burglary just happened to be in your home?

Your landlord is responsible for ensuring your home is safe to live in. Ask Legal Solicitors are on hand to help you!

Your landlord must provide you with a secure home. If your landlord has failed to in ensuring the following, you may be entitled to compensation for your troubles:

  • All locks and entry keys are changed after each tenant
  • All frames of all doors and windows are securely fixed to the wall
  • All gas equipment is properly installed & functioning
  • The electrical systems work fully, including sockets, light fittings etc.
  • Fire safety measures are unhindered e.g. the tenant has access to escape routes at all times and fire alarms are functioning etc
  • The house is properly ventilated
  • Tenants are safe from other tenants and housemates and their behaviour elsewhere, such as criminal activity
  • The property’s security is reviewed appropriately

Section 11 of the Landlord And Tenant Act 1985 allows landlords to make scheduled visits to their property to conduct relevant inspections, repairs and maintenance but they can’t enter the property without first receiving your consent, especially not when you have explicitly denied access.

If your landlord has improperly secured your home, you may be entitled to claim compensation AND new security improvements to your home. Ask Legal Solicitors are always on hand to help guide you here, just give us a call on 0161 436 0000 and we’ll help you get the compensation and home improvements you deserve as a paying tenant.