HELP! My landlord refuses to fix my mould & damp issues!

Mould and damp are everybody’s most unwelcome guests! Not only the kind of
embarrassing crowd you wouldn’t introduce your friends to but the kind that can actually
sabotage your health and destroy your belongings. Talk about a toxic friendship! Time to cleanse your home and release yourself from the neverending spore shower!

Is it my landlord’s responsibility to fix my mould & issues?

The answer is YES!

Oh, but you have asked your landlord for help, haven’t you? Yeah, a familiar story.
A common issue in the UK is that landlords try everything not to fix issues in their tenants’ homes- after all, fixing things costs money, right? The trouble is, if you don’t resolve mould and damp issues quickly, things can get very costly for both you and your landlord.

If you are living in a rented property that is suffering from mould and dampness, you have a legal right to ask for it to be repaired to a satisfactory and safe level. It is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure you are living in a safe home. As long as you are not in any way responsible for the mould and damp situation in your home, you may be entitled to compensation and free repairs to your home. You can call Ask Legal Solicitors on 0161 436 0006 to find out how to go about this (we work on a No Win No Fee basis with no hidden or upfront costs)

(Oh, we also specialize in tenant-landlord issues, so we are your go-to legal people!)

It is in the best interests of you and your landlord to make sure that the situation in your home is safe, because not only can you suffer harm, but your landlord will be responsible for any damage to your health and belongings. This could potentially result in your landlord reimbursing you for ALL medical, physical, mental and property damages you have suffered AS WELL as fixing your home. The quicker you can resolve this, the better!

Something serious for you to consider… Mould and damp issues can actually be life-threatening or cause severe life-changing illnesses, especially for vulnerable people and the elderly. In addition, mould and damp can actually spread onto your furniture, into your clothes and elsewhere. They create tiny spores that you may not be able to see that fly around and get breathed in, or stick to and spread on other surfaces and damage them. Even the thought of such poisonous spores hovering about your house should be cause for alarm!

As terrifying as all this sounds, you can rectify this and it is much easier to do that if you start earlier. If you have asked your landlord and they are reluctant to help, you may be able to make a “Housing  Disrepair” claim as long as you have given your landlord enough time. This will result in free repairs and compensation. Call Ask Legal Solicitors on 0161 436 0006, and we will take you through each and every step of the way!